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Zilap is equal parts bold and equal parts futuristic. Just take a look at the clever use of lines in the letter body which resemble those running on a circuit board and the elegant way they merge with the surrounding space. Monogram Toolbox The Monogram Toolbox has the unmistakable appeal of medieval English calligraphy, but it omits the extravagant styling in favor a clean look which is simply splendid.


Porcelain Porcelain is a heavily Italicized monogram which features an elegant usage of blank space between the letter body and stylish curls that will make any brand name look appealing. The Purpose monogram font is ideal for folks looking to express a bold attitude and rich legacy with a brand name, thanks to thick brush strokes, even spacing and angular design elements. Hex Monogram The Hex Monogram font is eye-catching from the get-go, thanks to its very distinct styling which draws inspiration from an elongated hexagon and looks really cool. Nexa Rust Slab The Nexa Rust Slab monogram font gives the vibe of an established brand which is retro at its heart and urban chic at the same time.

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Also, those white dots in the letter body look like stars on a dark night, which further enhances the appeal. Constanze is another Italicized font which features a curly design and is unique in the sense that the weight of brush strokes in the letter body is non-uniform which is something that makes it all the more appealing. Apex Lake Apex Lake is the embodiment of a classic monogram font which utilizes an elegant letter design, floral patterns, and a dual-frame set-up that is unlike any other font on the list.

Zengo If you examine the letter frame, Zengo bears a striking resemblance to the Times New Roman font. But it is the patterns inside the hollow letter body which give Zengo an identity of its own.

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Futuristic, edgy and bold are the words that best describe the Skinz font. This font resembles the text you see in sci-fi titles like Halo, making it particularly well-suited for gamers. The letters look elegant in their own, but the curvy frame with curls running across the letters in different directions is what truly makes Konanur stand out. Itsadzoke Itsadizoke combines a hollow letter frame with solid brush strokes that separate it from other fonts out there, making it appear refined and exquisite. Minimalist curls, bold strokes, and stylized initials are the integral elements of the Shangri La font, but the end result is something that looks grand and awe-inspiring.

Neutronium The neutronium font looks as if it comes straight out of a sci-fi novel, and I mean that in a good way. The slightly curved edges and the blocky design approach with sharp line endings make Neutronium an offbeat yet stylish choice.

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Carrington Carrington can be called the quintessential Italicized monogram font, and I am sure you must have certainly seen brand names rocking its bold approach, stylish letters, and a clean look. If you know other elegant fonts that will be perfect for creating a stylish monogram and also happen to be free, drop the names in the comments section below. LOG IN. Recover your password. Related Articles. It is now the Designers use them to create eye-catching logos and pull quotes The workspace is intuitive and accessible for beginners yet sophisticated enough for seasoned pros.

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Mac users can purchase through the Mac App Store. Your fonts are accessible via a drop-down menu in the Character panel -- similar to the one used in Adobe CC apps -- where you can select and change fonts and resize letters. Set your type color to black so you're not distracted by color schemes while building your design. In a blank Affinity Designer document, type in each initial separately, so it appears in its own layer. Then, choose your monogram font based on your design concept.

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Display fonts like ornate Kahir and Invitation Script are designed to be used in monograms. For modern, chic designs, Von Bond and Violet are versatile enough to be used in logos and supplemental text for business applications. Once you've chosen your font, click and drag the initials into place and adjust size and position as needed.

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  • While there are rules for initial arrangement -- the first initial of a surname goes in the center of a three-letter monogram, for example -- the letters do not necessarily need to be evenly spaced. Even traditional monograms have interlocking or overlapping letters, often making for dynamic and dramatic designs. Grouping layers will keep the Layers panel organized and make it easier to resize, apply effects or change colors to the batch.

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    Add Decorative Elements With your initials in place, you can add design elements like hand-drawn laurels or vintage frames. If your premade decorative elements are colorized in their SVG or EPS files -- like the images in the Nature Mandala vector art and pattern set, you can set the color to black once you've copied it to your working document if you wish to continue working in one color. Use the pen tool to draw simple strokes or the shape tools to create borders. To make the center of your shape transparent, select your object and go to the Color panel, where you'll set the fill to transparent and the stroke to black.

    To alter your line width and appearance, select the line from the Layer panel and go to the Stroke panel, where you can adjust the stroke width by point size and change the end cap of the line to square or rounded. Import elements from SVG files by opening the file in Affinity Designer and copying the desired layer into your working document. If the SVG file contains multiple images, these may be grouped and nested in the Layer panel.

    Click the arrows next to the groups' names to display and access the individual vector layers. Select the vector shape or image you want, copy it and paste into the monogram document. If you need to make alterations to the SVG file, use the Node tool to adjust curves and anchor points.

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    You can also use the Node tool to customize text if you want to shorten a line to fit better within a circle or smooth out the curve of an S. Select your initial group, expand the group folder and select the individual letters. The curves and anchor points of the individual letters can now be manually adjusted. Once you're satisfied with your design, you can add colors, gradients and other effects.