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The trial version can be used for 30 days. Antony Peel. Software languages. Author Extensis. Updated 3 months ago. Last revision 3 months ago. Ok We use our own and third-party cookies for advertising, session, analytic, and social network purposes.

Any action other than blocking them or the express request of the service associated to the cookie in question, involves providing your consent to their use. Hi mbanstendig, Sounds like you're having some interesting issues.

Review: Suitcase Fusion 2

Yes, we indeed do have phone support at Please feel free to call us. You can also contact us directly via email, etc. I'm also not sure what you're talking about when you refer to "pitstop. Perhaps you placed your review on the wrong product? Regards, Jim Kidwell Extensis. Incompatible with most modern graphics software, and incompatible with ALL browsers. Not even up to beta quality - a truly awful program that makes every day i use it a bad day. This market-dominating piece of garbage is inexplicable. And a crime. Very expensive for such a number of features!

Extensis Suitcase Fusion 2

Also it has a lot of bugs, eg. Photoshop CS5. Offers a few performance improvements, and makes installing application-specific plugins easier. Where do I start? The performance improvements aren't quite enough. It causes crashes under Indesign CS5 on export. If there weren't so many bugs, the program would earn more stars, but these are really show-stoppers for me.

If the show-stopping bugs were eliminated, it would be a great font management program. This review was originally posted on VersionTracker. I agree on most points of the previous post as there is not much info on the fonts and the occasional hickups of the program locking up to show the spinning ball forever As i have it set up like that many typefaces can fit into several different sortings a font might be in Heavy, Display and Slab Serif at the same time , and if the program deleted the font entirely from the library if i hit delete in any of those folders i would lose it everywhere - and that would drive me crazy.

So what i did was to start making extensive use of keywords, making it possible to add keywords like monospaced AND serif ; - but more importantly, when i have everything sorted out i just shift mark all folders, select all fonts in the list and add a keyword "Sorted" to every font. After that i create one smart album with the setting to show fonts without the keyword "Sorted". That way, if i want to completely delete fonts i simply untick that keyword for the ones i wanna get rid of and go over to the smart album and delete everything.

Because smart folders act differently than regular folders - when you delete from a smart folder its deleted from the entire library and thus all other folders.


More over, i have one regular folder called Unsorted so when i add a lot of fonts i put them in there, go over to the smart folder i mentioned and sort it from there. I drag the fonts i want to keep to the corresponding folders and tick the Sorted keyword to get them out of the list - or just delete the ones i find unusable.

That way i don't clutter the library with loose ends, and keep things tidy. I'm impressed by the speed and ease it maneuvers more than 2 Gb of fonts actually. Sure thing i wouldn't mind a bit more info on the typefaces but what i really like is the smooth way of trying out typesettings with those nifty floaters! Not a a perfect program obviously but definitely the best out there as far as i know. I regularly work with creating logotypes, cd covers, posters and brochures so working with type is an essential part of my workflow and this is a must-have in my opinion.

Suitcase for Mac - Download

It borders on the line of being a bit too expensive for the slight lack of features, but as i use this program every day and rely on it a lot it still makes up for that and i would recommend this despite it's somewhat quirky personality at times. After using FEX for many years and being frustrated with the bugs, crashes, and slowness of that font management program, I decided to give SF2 a whirl. At first I was pleased with the speed of activation and the clean interface, but the limitations quickly became evident.

Sometimes SF2 works quickly, but occasionally it slows to a snail's pace, taking minutes to delete a bunch of fonts. The biggest annoyance is when you have auto-activation on and go to save a file in an Adobe program. Not always, but all too often, there's a long pause when you get the spinning beach ball, then at some point an SF2 progress bar window pops up saying it's finding fonts in the database, then that goes away, then the ball again for a little while.

Again, I'm certain these speed issues won't affect most users, but I'm mentioning them in case another power font user out there is curious. Oh, and the program of course does crash from time to time, but it's not as bad as FEX. But I'm already getting increasingly frustrated as my trial period ends. As I'm not going to pay for another font manager that will annoy me more than help, I'm off to use Font Agent for a month.

If that won't work, I'll grudgingly settle back on FEX. I have a bunch of fonts, with different versions of each. And, in a nutshell, I think that this program, Extensis Suitcase Fusion 2, IS the best font testing, importing and activation tool out there. Hands down. But it is NOT the best font "organization" tool. And that's the problem. In short, the file "system" is broken. Sure, it's simple, and clean unlike FEX but it doesn't behave like every other folder system on Earth. For instance, you can make "smart sets" but you can't put those into folders, so your root level is littered with smart sets.

And when you import fonts, it automatically makes sets for you Also, although SF2 looks like it's "protecting" system fonts a big deal in OSX , and even automatically gives them their own folder, those SAME fonts show up in your main library, without indicating that they are "system" fonts. So if you're doing some "duplicate maintenance" you can still delete them! I'm not kidding. I just did that and had to revert back to my old vault. Also, the "font info" you get isn't always what you need. For instance, in the "show glyphs" window, it doesn't tell you the version, or font ID, of the font.

So, if you have 5 versions of TT "Times", and want to delete or otherwise organize them, you have to check the glyph count separately for each one, when just providing the more detailed info in that window would be an easy thing to do. There's also not as many "column" info choices as there are in, say, FEX. Overall the interface is "simple-good", and "simple-bad" at the same time. There are still some other dumb things it does, too.

But I wont' go into everything That said, there's a lot that SF2 does well. And, more importantly, it does these things a lot better than the other choices I've tried. Mainly, the auto-activation is muy bueno. But regardless, it just seems more stable and reliable than the other's I've experienced. Also, the "font filtering" is very strict.

VERY strict. Even after you sift everything through Font Doctor which you should, before importing , SF2 still doesn't import everything, and tells you there were "problems", and then gives you the option of adding them or not. Because if you've ever had a corrupt font, you know how crazy everything gets. And the "duplicate" finding is better, and after you've located the dupes they're easier to keep and organize, or just get rid of. It makes dealing with a decades-old font collection something that seems actually do-able.

Whereas with FEX and dupes you just want to kill yourself. I hate to be so hard on SF2, but it's just All they have to do is address these few, annoying little issues, and they'd have a home run. A no brainer. Which raises the bar significantly. Anyway, that's my 3 cents. And I hope it helps : e PS, they recently released But I don't know if any of these other problems were addressed.

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  7. PPS, Extensis' support is top-notch, btw. Some of the best I've experienced Finally, Extensis seems to have gotten it right.