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And weird as it might sound at first, both line and paragraph spacing are applied at the paragraph level. Line spacing controls how all lines of a paragraph are spaced. Paragraph spacing controls how much space comes before and after the paragraph. In Word, line spacing is most commonly measured in multiples of whatever font size the paragraph is using. If you choose single line spacing, the space between lines will be 12 points.

Pages for Mac: Set line spacing in Pages

If you choose double spacing, that space between lines will be 24 points. However, if you want to fine tune things, you can also specify an exact point size to use. Paragraphs work a bit differently. By default, Word adds eight points of space after a paragraph and no additional space before the paragraph, and you can change both of those values however you like.

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Word has some common preset options for you to choose from. Remember that line and paragraph spacing are both applied at the paragraph level. Select all of the paragraphs you want to change or place your insertion point anywhere in a single paragraph you want to change. This opens a dropdown menu with presets for line spacing at the top and paragraph spacing at the bottom. The line spacing is shown in multiples.

Change the line spacing in Word for Mac

Choose the number of line spaces you want or click Line Spacing Options at the bottom of the menu, and then select the options you want in the Paragraph dialog box under Spacing. If you want to change the spacing before or after each of the paragraphs in the text you selected, click the arrow next to Before or After and enter the amount of space that you want. Line spacing. Spacing between paragraphs. Under Spacing , in the Before or After boxes, enter the paragraph spacing that you want.

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  7. Use Quick Presets for Easy Changes.

When you create a new document, Word uses the Normal template to determine the settings, such as the spacing between lines and between paragraphs. If you change the settings in this template, all new documents that you create will use the new settings.

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Click Line Spacing Options , and then under Spacing , in the Before or After boxes, enter the paragraph spacing that you want. Click in the first of the two paragraphs that you want to keep together on a page. Format a bulleted or numbered list.

Paragraph and Line Spacing In Pages (MacMost Now 924)

You'll then have a few additional options you can use to customize spacing:. By default, when you press the Enter key Word moves the insertion point down a little farther than one line on the page.

Current Document Paragraph Spacing

This automatically creates space between paragraphs. Just as you can format spacing between lines in your document, you can adjust spacing before and after paragraphs. This is useful for separating paragraphs, headings, and subheadings.

How To Set Double Line Spacing In Microsoft Word For Academic Work

In our example, we'll increase the space before a paragraph to separate it from a heading. This will make our document easier to read.

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  • From the drop-down menu, you can also select Line Spacing Options to open the Paragraph dialog box. From here, you can control how much space there is before and after the paragraph. You can use Word's convenient Set as Default feature to save all of the formatting changes you've made and automatically apply them to new documents. Back to Tutorial.