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It depends on the drive in your computer. And guess what drive ends up in portable, moving around, and traveling laptops??

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  • I purchase asian dvds a great deal, and not all of them are region 1 or 0. It is confirmed to have a mashita drive as well. I just tried it with a region 1 disk and while VLC briefly sees the title of the disk, it just stops without displaying an error.

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    Opening the log window shows it just can't access the files on the disk so it finaly fails cleanly on a "nothing to play" message. I don't think anything can be done without changing the firmware on that drive. Unfortunately last time I looked around it didn't seem to be possible for this specific model. There are two simple solutions, but neither is free.

    There might be a solution to that. There are several options it will even let you access the DVD menus! Mac's have open firmware, but not a BIOS. This is only complicated as most of the firmware flashers are os9 based, and that's now legacy - well that and the drives Apple use now are hard to get the firmware off to patch to make RPC I'm slightly tired of mr.

    Play DVDs without changing drive region on Mac

    Know-it-alls hammering this line. Let's see what Open Firmware does: Interfaces components of the computer with one another, and the user. Boots everything.

    Basically handles Basic Input and Output, as a System. Why, you might as well make an acronym out of that. Something like That's right, it's the same fsckinging thing. In fact, another word for BIOS is, as you'd expect it, "firmware". Same Fscking Thing.

    Macbook Pro DVD Region Crack

    Sheesh, some morons That's it! What next? Fortunately, rpc1.

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    My thanks to everyone at rpc1. Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations. All of our advertising is handled by BackBeat Media. For price quotes and advertising information, please contact BackBeat Media at This number is for advertising only. Welcome Image and Text. Software Alternatives Either way, you want a utility called DVRFlash, an updated firmware, and enough time to read the forums and all of the instructions.

    How to Change the DVD Region on a Mac: 3 Steps (with Pictures)

    Hardware and software solutions for watching DVDs intended for a different region. Like this: Like Loading The Disc tab will open automatically and you should find any inserted DVD disc. This is a commercial media software. You can however use its free trial version to play videos, music and DVDs without any limitations. Run UniConverter on your Mac, its Convert tab opens by default. admin