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To me this blows the rest away. Not even Ascendo has the key.

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Only you can unlock your data. See user guide for installation instructions. Strength Meter tells you if you passwords are weak, good or strong. And a whole lot more Incorporated in San Diego, California, Ascendo has been a leading software developer since We would love to hear from you! Try DataVault Password Manager today! If you have any issues with DataVault for Mac, please email support ascendo. If you like free updates, please rate DataVault positively in the App Store. I use it to store passwords and all sorts of other important data, securely on my laptop or other device, and sync it easily across all of my devices via a secure wifi.

Every time I am forced to create a new account of any kind I quickly set up a new entry in DataVault on whatever device I am using at the time - phone or pad - to store the relevant information url, customer service , account name, password and anything else that may be relevant. Then when I am back on my secure wifi I can quickly sync between all of my devices. For those who prefer to sync via the cloud, that option is also available.

When I first purchased DataVault, I figured it would be a suitable password manager that I would access maybe once a week if necessary to look up a password I forgot.

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But the interface and user experience is so good, and the ability to store a wide variety of sensitive data is so flexible, that I find myself using DataVault almost daily. If you are looking for an excellent secure password manager, DataVault should be at the top of your list. They give you options, and generally options means personal preferences.

In my non-scientific tests with my entries, DataVault is slightly faster on the BB, assuming you choose the search method "By 1st Character" and not "On String" as explained below. DataVault also has the better desktop right now. DataVault has a more comprehensive user guide also that describes the features of the program. These are easy to create and modify. This allows a little more flexibility in that for each type in a category you can have different templates, whereas in Cryptmagic you would be creating an additional template.


For Cryptmagic and SplashID, you would have to uninstall the program to do a wipe. Best eWallet for BlackBerry Pearl? Source: BlackBerryForums. So far, DataVault has been the best one of these that I have used. It basically only supports list views, which makes it difficult to quickly zero in on the specific password data you are trying to find Yeah, it did the job, but sort of looked like a 1st-generation Windows application like from DataVault, uses AES encryption, which is a very strong encryption algorithm, and superior to "blowfish".

Also, the interface in DataVault is really intuitive and easy to work with. DataVault offers a list view, but the "Tree" view is so good, and makes it so easy to find what you are looking for DataVault also comes with a large number of pre-defined templates that cover most types of information that you would store in a program like this. I think this is more flexible than SplashID which masks your password field by default, but not other fields. There are some other features that are really "minor details" but which show how much effort has been put into this software by its developer.

Things like an onscreen keyboard for inputting your master password into the Desktop application. This allows you to type your password with your mouse, so you can prevent it from being captured by any keystroke logger software that may be present on your system. These are obviously easy to find, and could be stolen to be hacked into later. As for looks, the desktop and handheld interfaces look really nice I like it when a software developer cares enough about their product to make sure that it not only works well, but looks good too. Their Ascendo support staff was very responsive, got back to me within hours to say they had been able to duplicate the issue and were working on it, and then provided a fix that completely resolved it about 2 days later over a weekend I might add.

So my recommendation is DataVault. I hope this information is helpful. This basically means that it would take several millenniums for someone to crack the encryption in your password file. Ascendo is no slouch when it comes to improvements. Password and other secure information manager for Blackberry Source: Ask Mobile Pro "For the past few years, I have been using several pieces of software to keep those logins, passwords, and other bits info available in a password-protected encrypted file on my computer. I found a good PC solution, that had no Blackberry client. I found several Blackberry applications that were pretty good, but their desktop companions were very weak.

DataVault just feels right! Ascendo has perfected both the desktop program as well as the Blackberry application. Both are extremely intuitive and easy to use. The desktop application is excellent as well! The DataVault desktop program includes utilities to import data files from all the major password software. I found importing my data to be extremely easy. I highly recommend you give it a try! A product called the Ascendo Data Vault allows anyone to keep all of bank accounts, credit card, logins and other personal information securely. Simply input all information via a an application on a PC or even use a Blackberry wireless device.

I love the way all the information can be sorted in a customizable manner with familiar folder trees using categories and titles you decide. Before selecting the product I tried as many applications trial versions of similar kind as possible and finally I selected DataVault. The factors that make this product better than the most are as below:. It is not just password protection of the application, it is also data protection. Asks for password even when you synchronize with PC. Synchronization with PC is two-way and extremely efficient. Good user control while Synchronization.

You get dialog boxes asking for confirmation of the change. Navigation is much easier with the visual aid offered by the tree.

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Searching is faster than most of the other applications available. Lots of configurable options. Though you can take advantage of using existing templates but using templates are not mandatory while creating a new entry. Exceptional customer support. Just email your queries Your product offers greater flexibility both graphically and functionally. It appears by watching your product over the last few months that Ascendo has a greater commitment to furthering the development and enhancement of Data Vault.

I should have looked more closely at Data Vault before purchasing Cryptmajic. Though I do believe that Cryptmagic is a good BASIC security program and that is appealing when trying both products before making a decision on which to buy because initial set up is more cookie cutter". Customer Reviews. Some of the improvements as compared to Minisafe include: incredible search speed, the tree view, options provided check out Minisafe's options screen and compare it to Datavault's , and the ability to use your own label on any and every listing.

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Datavault also provides templates which you can select but you can still tweak the labels to your liking. Brown "I will vouch for Ascendo DataVault over anything. All rights reserved. DataVault Home Page. Ascendo DataVault. The Best Continues to get Better A friend was a big fan of SplashID, but it just never "did" anything for me.

Also, it had a list of features that seemed appealing. So I checked it out, try and buy, you know. I'm a pretty critical guy and I don't buy a whole lot of software, but Ascendo sold me! Organize and Protect your Passwords Source: Gizmo Girls "Unfortunately, the popularity of using credit cards over the Internet has caused many banks to adopt tougher anti-fraud measures in the form of personal ID numbers PINs. The factors that make this product better than the most are as below: 1. DataVault vs SplashID.

It was slow to open and cumbersome to use on my bb. The interface was completely impractical and there were issues with syncing. DataVault has a beautiful interface, opens fast, is much more intuitive and is a dream for finds. Categories Desktop Apps For You.

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